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L'Humain Et Le Chien

L'Humain Et Le Chien

Dog Walking

I offer dog walks in Laval and surroundings.

Contact me at 613-419-0601 today to reserve your time slot and to know my rates for walks with Fido.

Obedience Classes

Level I Basic Obedience

We will teach such basics as, sit, stop, heel, down, stay, come, focus, touch, leash walking and more. All courses are followed by a final exam and diploma. For prices please contact me at 613-419-0601

Level II

We will teach your dog : off leash, down, extended stay and down, commands by signs and others. All courses are followed by a final exam and diploma. For pricing please contact me at 613-419-0601

Level III

Heeling off leash, extended sitting and down, out of sights commands, left and right turns, u turns and others. For pricing please contact me at 613-419-0601 All courses are followed by a final exam and diploma.

Introduction to Training

Basic training

Train your dog is essential not only for his well-being. A well trained dog is a happy dog. Theories related to dog training have evolved much over the years, and the method currently and mostly accepted is positive reinforcement, which is to praise and reward the dog when adopting the right behavior.

Training is a rewarding experience for you and your dog. Your dog aspires only to please you. Training is often great fun for both the dog and its owner.

There are several training methods. You may decide to do without outside help or join a training class that will suit your dog’s education effectively.

These days, all agree that the best way to train a dog is to use positive reinforcement methods that reward good behavior rather than punishing the bad ones - it's easier on the dog and also much more effective.

Positive Reinforcement

This method without violence is based on positive reinforcement, through play, reward and motivation. If the dog is well behaved, responds to a command, reacts positively, he will associate good behavior with positive results. He will repeat the good ones. Conversely, if a good behavior is ignored, the dog will give up this type of behavior.


The most important thing to remember when you train your dog is to be consistent. Essentially, the dog must know its name, since you will precede your commands with his name to get his attention. Always use the same command to generate a given behavior. We must avoid confusing your dog.

The Canin Language

The canine language lies in the postures and movements of the dog. It is you companion’s way of communicating with you and with others dogs. To communicate well, it uses different calming signals. Thanks to the calming signals, we are more able to understand the dog and to put ourselves in his place.

The calming signals allow the dog to show his discomfort (fear, stress, lack of understanding of expectations, unusual situation, disturbing presence, stress, etc.). They enable him to face his discomfort and soothe the other in order to avoid possible conflicts. In short the calming signals are an integral, fundamental view of the canine language. They are the basis of the canine politeness when two dogs meet. The calming signals allow us to understand our animal.

It is important to understand our dog when we speak. If we knew more about calming signals, we would be able to avoid many bites.

Kindergarten Classes

Kindergarten classes are given in the comfort of your home and environment. These courses are for puppies that are in their socialization period, between 8 and 16 weeks.

Overview :

  • Explanation of my teaching methods
  • Explanation of motivators and markers
  • Explaining the socialization period
  • Explanation of canine language - calming and defensive reflexes signals
  • Play period
  • Routine and obstacle course
  • Desensitization to noise and manipulations
  • Management of behavioral problems with puppies
  • Teaching basic commands, such as Sitting, Lying, Come, Heel and more
  • Introduction to walking on a leash without pulling
  • Questions

The first course will be totally theoretical, No dogs.

I want to know you so that you understand my expectations. For pricing please contact me at 613-419-0601

Behaviour Problems Management

I will go to your home to work and solve behavior problems. I will follow up to ensure that the problem or problems are resolved. My approach is based on positive reinforcement only.

Examples of behavioral problems:

  • Cleanliness, Excessive nervousness, Destruction, Aggression
  • Vocalization (barking incessantly), Fear, Stress, Anxiety, biting
  • Digging holes, Empty garbage cans, Chewing
  • Lying on the bed or couch, Demolishing his cage
  • Jumping on people, Runaway dog
  • Pulling on the leash and Others

The consultation consists of a home visit, problem assessment, recommendations, visit a few weeks later to follow up.

Contact me at 613-419-0601 to know my rates for a consultation regarding behavioral disorders.

Selecting Breeders

I will be happy to guide you and advise you in choosing a qualified breeder to purchase your dog. I have a good network of qualified breeders who will recommend the animal that is closest to your needs and desires.

KIdjuuk Sheperds

German Shepherds, in the Eastern Townships. Puppies are well handled from a young age. The breeder, Jocelyne Bergeron, also specializes in canine behavior.

Impressive Farm / Border Collies
Prop. Robert Lacoste 450-561-3124 robertlac257@gmail.com

Great place for lovers of the Border Collies. Impressive Farm / Champions for people who like to move!

Jolifilo breeding Aussies

Jolifilo Aussies are of a great breeding quality. Champions lines OFA-CERF Member CKC_CNASA and ASCA puppies CKC registered and guaranteed Micro-chipped

Pyrénée farming Pignon Rouge
Josiane Morel 1-819-448-0237

Pyrenees Pignon Rouge is located in Québec. They always offer quality puppies. Raised in the Québec countryside in a family environment and from x-rayed and certified parents.

Abellio Mastiffs

Abellio Mastiffs - quality Mastiffs for quality families. Beauty and quality, on the north shore of Montreal. Our Mastiffs are the realization of a cherished dream shared by mother and daughter. We believe that each of our puppies must be from a perfect symbiosis of both parents respecting the breed standard, with health and exemplary behavior. We make the following health tests on our dogs. OFA hips and codes, OFA heart, Cystinuria, CERF PRA and DNA (P); and are members of the Canadian Kennel Club (Canada, the Mastiff Club of Victoria (Australia) and the Mastiff Club of America (USA). Puppies are available occasionally for selected families with care.

Sweet N'Sour breeding

Australian shepherds Caroline Carrier sweetnsour@hotmail.fr